Chattahoochee Rhythm Keepers

Deep-bellied drum beats float down Clark Street every Wednesday night in LaGrange, Georgia. The muted thudding knocks on the white walls of a small building inside of the quiet neighborhood. Find the door with the chipping paint and stubborn doorknob and you can enter the world of the Chattahoochee Rhythm Keepers.

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Auburn Oaks 

The Auburn Toomer's Corner Oaks are being replaced once again. "With anything being planted, it's a rebirth. This is the rebirth of a new tradition for Auburn."

Gone Cold

Cold Case Results in 30 Years of Prison Time.

Are photos part of your freelance package? 

​Hear how one photographer made visual storytelling his passion.

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Withstanding Every Threat

Anthony Threat grew up in Auburn, Alabama. He will always say War Eagle, despite his struggles during the early years of integration.

“My mom taught me that failure was never an option. And if you did fail, it was because you chose to."