So you want to know about me. Well, my name is Monique Cowan but in most circles I'm know as Ty. Most people ask where the Ty comes from and it's my middle name. Tykiel. My sister gave it to me before I was born. 

I am a freelance camera slinger, a studio photographer for Lifetouch & Prestige Photography, a Director of Multimedia for Becoming the Beloved Community and a Mama to a beautiful Pitbull and Boykin Spaniel/Pittie. 

I grew up in Mobile, Alabama and headed to Auburn University right out of high school. I spent seven years in the Loveliest Village on the Plains where I found my kind, sharp-witted partner and obtained my Bachelor of Art in Journalism in 2018. 

I can only challenge myself to continue to grow into myself, my passions and my values....